Tuesday, 24 February 2009

WORK EXPERIENCE.!! 3RD-13TH FEB 09.!! [Oval House]

Tuesday 3rd Feb 09 DAY 1 - Read the script over a few times, got some of the students from Charter school to do a still image to represent a situation.

Wednesday 4th Feb 09 DAY 2 - Had everyone in the dance studio and played games to get to know everyone in the production team and the students. Then all the students read the script a few times and changed rolls to see who would get the right part for the play.

Thursday 5th Feb 09 DAY 3 - The students then got their parts of the play. Research the costumes and props. Also took photos of the students acting out parts of the scenes.

Friday 6th Feb 09 DAY 4 - Didn't attend work because of an issue.

Monday 9th Feb 09 DAY 5 - Took photographs of the students practicing their rolls of the play in the studio.

Tuesday 10th Feb 09 DAY 6 - helped out the design team on the costumes and props. I also took photographs of the process of the students wearing the clothes while practicing.

Wednesday 11th Feb 09 DAY 7 - finalized all the costumes making sure that the costumes are appropriate for the students and when they need to take off the jumpers and change. Also took photographs of the students in the run through of the play.

Thursday 12th Feb 09 DAY 8 - Performance in Charter school

Friday 13th Feb 09 Day 9 - Performance in Peckham theatre

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