Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Charity Ideas

Breast Cancer Research - http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/breastcancer/

*Promoting the breast cancer by creating a bold poster
This poster will include facts about breast cancer and how people can help save lives by donating, buying products and volunteering etc. or An event to help raise money for the charity.
This will include;
• People doing art posters to win a competition. And the poster can be shown for breast cancer research to promote and to raise money for the charity! The people designing the posters will need to put money in to enter the competition. At the end of the competition they can win a small prize.
• A group of people doing random events, for example; sitting a bath tub full of beans, running for an hour. All these can raise money by people sponsoring you.

* Creating a video about breast cancer – to encourage people to help. This video will be given out to a range of people from gender to ages.

The video will include; the short film is shown in colour, the woman has kept this lump for ages. After a few months she got checked up, and got told by the doctor she’s got breast cancer, then the video then pauses and goes black and white. Then you have a replay of the film although she goes to the doctor as soon as she sees the lump, then people start to help her. While the film is going on a voiceover is going on during the positive side of having breast cancer as people can help by giving money to charity to help women out there that have breast cancer. - A woman walks out the doctors, rather than a phone call. She looks emotional, a voiceover and a text is then shown and said “if only she’d gone sooner.” [Pause - Rewind]

* Leaflets, to tell people facts about breast cancer.
This leaflet will include facts on how you’ve got breast cancer and how you should prevent it.

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