Tuesday, 11 November 2008

What is marketing? [4.11.08]

Last week Tuesday the creative and media advanced group travelled to Southwark town hall to a meeting to find out what marketing really is. The first thing that was presented to everyone was eating the food! After eating we then listened to a LONG presentation about marketing and what is in the marketing industry and how it's done. We then was presented two different types of leaflets about the activities for children in the summer 'Bored?' & 'Go explore.' We then had a discussion on what needed to improve in the leaflets and what was wrong with the titles. After that we then had to work in pairs and had to involve other Juniors to become a street leader. For each team they created a presentation and we had to pitch our ideas to the people in the meeting. Some people wanted to re-create the name because using the word junior is most likely not to attract young teenagers because juniors is a word that say 'young 12 year olds.' After we pitched our ideas we then got given chocolate bars for coming and helping the people that was in the meeting.

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