Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Scene one
– This will include the audience because it’s an open market. This will show the audience how the market was like before in the 19th century.
Characters – A loud area with people selling food and people purchasing food.
Narrator – This person will include what just happened in the scene.
Scene two
Before the World War 1
– The shelter and the bombing.
Characters – A couple of actors acting out a little short scene pretending that the bombing is on and how scared they are, hiding in their small shelter.
Narrator – This person should include what happened in the past and how it affected loads of people.
Scene three
World War 2 – The rationed room in the shop collecting food.
Characters – Loads of people waiting to collect their food, and how their books will be signed off. The audience will also have a taste of what it was also like by looking at the front desk and collecting their own rationed food.
Narrator – This person will say how busy the place was when people collected their food and what just happened in the scene.
Scene four
The present now
– how the area is like now, sounds of the river and the interviews from the past.
Characters – There will be no characters in this scene.
Narrator – There will not be a narrator in this section.

Every scene should last up to 10 minutes!!

Installation - Changes?
We have made a decision on what was needed in the installation and what we are being marked on.

So we have changed most of our ideas.

For the 1st scene we decided that images of the warehouses will be projected to the wall while someone is talking about how the working conditions were in the Dicken times.

In the 2nd scene we have the pre-war, talking about the women rights and how women wasn't aloud to vote in the past. Images will be projected on the wall.

3rd scene is about the war, on how Bermondsey was bombed. Images will be shown on a video format.

The 4th scene is set in the modern days. Rana and I are mainly based on the housing developments and how its gone from the worst to the best area.

The 3rd scene was supposed to be about the war, but Katie and In decided that food would be better because of the wharfs and how food was rationed.

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