Wednesday, 8 October 2008

V&A - Capturing the 21st Century

The creative and media group went to the V&A on the 17th of September 2008. We first went to the art studio and had an induction day of what capture is really about.

Capture - Capturing the moment/event. You can capture by creating a video, blog photographs, etc. Also by collecting objects from the past to create what has changed from then to now.

We then had a tour around the 20th century section by Gareth Williams [the curator of furniture]. Most of the objects in the 20th century can tell a story or can show you what technology or furniture was like in the old days. Some of the objects they used reflect the kind of designs nowadays.

We then got told to pick three objects that we found interesting and capture the object. I sketched the objects and took photographs.

I chose the 1990's Shoe made by Vivienne Westwood, the first wireless home phone by the British telecommunication company and, the stereo cassette player by Sony Tokyo Japan in the 1979.

I chose the 1990's shoe because it reminded me of how the 90's fashion was. The wireless home phone was chosen because it reminded me of an old big brick phone. The cassette player reminded of when i had one when i was a little girl in the 90's.

After we picked what we liked we then went back to the art studio and done an exercise. We had to go into groups, although our group was small we stayed as a group altogether. We had to then tell each other in the group what objects we picked from the 20th century gallery. We then chose 3 we liked, 3 we didn't like and 3 examples that should be added in the gallery. I think my group chose the Nike shoe, the 1st mobile phone and the cassette player. We then chose 3 things that was use-less in the gallery and i think most of them we chose was furniture. The three things we thought that should go in the gallery was a game boy, sweets and another object but i'm not sure what it was. We created a poster on what we planned out about the objects in the gallery and presented it to the whole group that was in the art studio.

We then had lunch.

After lunch we then got told we had to go around the gallery to explore what is going on and select a section we like and take three objects or more we liked. Rana & i picked jewellery. We then picked three objects we liked. We drew them.

In conclusion the gallery overall i liked the jewellery section and the fashion section, because the jewellery section was very bright with all the lighting, and the fashion just caught my eye because of what people used to wear in the past.

These are the pieces of work i done in my sketch book.

These are the drawings i done when Rana and i selected an area we liked in the museum. We absolutely liked the jewellery section because the light must had attracted our eyes.

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