Tuesday, 15 January 2008

15th Jan 08

well... katie and i had researched on our poem and what it really means. We went on the sparlnotes.com. We thought that our poem 'sonnet 129' meant that 'he had raped a girl he liked but had felt guilty at the end.' We thought that because the poem had a lot of 'action' and 'murderous' words. We then thought of other ideas that it could just be 'having sex' with someone but not enjoying it at all.

'As soon as it is achieved, it becomes shameful, and is hated.'

We then dicussed about our poems and what other people in the class thinks what the poem thinks and other people suggested 'loosing their virginity,' 'just having sex with no joy' and so on.

So Katie and I needs to re-think on what the poem means.

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